CNN Goes In-Depth on Houston and Katrina

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It's all about us.
CNN's series Defining America has taken a long look at Houston and its absorption of Katrina evacuees.

"Houston, the sprawling, business-friendly oil city, has absorbed some of New Orleans, a compact mecca of music, merriment and food," the report says.

One of the main subjects of the report is Terrence Gasper, who was evacuated to the Astrodome and now owns a barbershop on Bissonnet near 59.

"You can't never take the New Orleans out of me," Gasper told CNN. "But I can't see myself moving back there for a long time."

Some clips:

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gee whiz.  thank god for katrina. Apparently there was no music, food, or drinks at all in houston before our good neighbors came.  

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

It freaks me out that in that Reed video someone reaches into a carton of cheese with no serving gloves on!


Amazing how you completely missed the point. Truly astounding.


It's alright.I'm sure there's a sign in their restroom that says, "Employees MUST wash hands after using restroom," so... the chances of getting hepatitis are probably low to moderate, right?

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