RIP, Bubba Smith: The 10 Best Miller Lite "Tastes Great" Ads

Yesterday was a bad day for Miller Lite. Ad Age reported they're in a serious sales slump, and ex-NFLer Bubba Smith died.

The defensive end (who spent some time with the Oilers) was part of Miller Lite's famous "tastes great / less filling" ads, which featured retired athletes and offbeat semi-celebrities.

Here are the the 10 best:

10 Yogi Berra, co-starring Jason Alexander
George Costanza, who would eventually go on to work for the Yankees, gets befuddled by franchise great Yogi Berra.

9. Dan Fouts and Kenny Stabler
Two QBs not trading insults.

8. Dick Butkus and Mike Roberts
The most hilarious thing about this one? The idea that a Welsh rugby player would appreciate Miller Lite for anything other than the check he's getting from them.

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