Weather Porn: 5 Examples of When Meteorologists Go Bad

Feels good
When the graphic to the right appeared recently in USA Today, it led to talk about how a good editor needs a dirty mind to spot things like, we guess, a huffing sun giving a hand job to a thermometer.

But really, the weather always seems to attract the unfortunate sexual reference or two. Sometimes it's the language, sometimes it's the drawings, and sometimes it's just bad judgment on the part of the meteorologist.

Whatever the cause, here are five examples of weather porn.

5. How Stephanie Abrams likes to have sex
The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams, describing some storms (we think): "It's a weather quickie -- because when you get something just sitting there and unloading on you, that's when you run into a lot of problems...[There's] another one that's in-and-out, just how we like it."

4. The Weather Penis
The all-time classic, from San Angelo, giving KLST its 15 minutes of Web fame.


3. Tornado Penis
How not to illustrate a tornado, unless you're into dick drawings.

2. Is that a storm or are you just glad to see me?
At about the 30-second mark, this guy doesn't realize what he's showing, but the viewers commenting on it do.

1. A segue too far
Okay, they're throwing it to you, weatherman, after a report about a Kansas City Chiefs player who wears number 69. And it's 69 degrees out. Still, you probably shouldn't make the joke about burying your face in pussy while getting your dick sucked.

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David Coe
David Coe

The "69" guy looks and sounds like a real sleazeball.I'm guessing after that comment he didn't get ANY kind of sex at all, that night!


Holy crap, I didn't think he'd actually say something about it, just make an innuendo or something. Awesome!

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