Top 5 Worst Big 12 Football Games of 2011 (With Suggested Alternatives)

If only Kansas' basketball season started in September.
Compared to the best Big 12 gridiron match-ups of 2011, these stink bombs make us want to reschedule our college-football recordings to international cricket.

Texas Tech is on here because year after year, they have proven that they are the biggest pussies in terms of non-conference scheduling. Kansas, meanwhile, should just discontinue football so that more money can be pumped into its basketball program.

If you do decide to watch any of these games, may we surmise that there's something serious wrong with you?

It's going to be another year of Bevo burgers in Austin.
5. Texas vs. Rice, September 3
This one makes the list because Texas is guaranteed an undefeated start to its season, which will cause Longhorn foolios to proclaim that their team is "back." Hint: Y'all ain't going to be back for a while.

Suggested alternative: Eat a half-pound beef burger in College Station.

4. Kansas vs. Kansas State, October 22
Some local Kansas journalist will certainly label this in-state tussle as super important for the KU-K-State recruiting battle. Um, recruiting what? The inside track on finishing ninth instead of tenth?

Suggested alternative: Plan for your post-hurricane vacation.

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The change to 9 conference games forced some bad non-conference games. Some good battles were eliminated by Beebe. I salute your recognition that UT is just as guilty as others, especially with their talent and resources. 

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