Shuttle Atlantis's Souvenir Load: 22,000 Flags, 10,000 Patches, a Very Small Painting and More

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Atlantis: Last chance for souvenirs.
If you're making the last-ever trip on the space shuttle, you want to make it count.

And if the list put together by is any indication, this last flight is taking along enough souvenirs to outfit a small army.

Almost all the items are put there by NASA to pass out later to foreign governments, support teams, contractors, politicians, anyone. The items fly in a (very, very tightly packed) duffel bag that stays stowed away the entire flight.

Each astronaut gets to take a small amount of personal items, as well.

What's going up on Atlantis:

6. Flags. Lots of Flags
Almost 22,000 flags, by our count -- U.S. flags, state flags, flags of Russia, Japan, Canada and the other countries that have had shuttle astronauts, lots of flags. Including ones from NASCAR and the Texas Motor Speedway.

Snoopy's last shuttle ride
5. 200 Snoopy Pins
Snoopy has been an astronaut favorite since the Apollo days. The black-and-white head coverings the astronauts wore were called "Snoopy Hats," and the Apollo 10 lunar module was named for him (The command module was Charlie Brown, in the last mission before NASA started exerting more control over what the astronauts could name their vehicles). Tradition requires NASA's prestigious Silver Snoopy award to consist of a space-flown Snoopy pin, and obviously having one from the last shuttle ride would be a nice plus.

4. An 8X5 Printed Recipe
No indication as to what delicious dish is involved, but the item comes from the Astronaut Crew Quarters at the Kennedy Space Center.

3. At least 10, 223 Patches
NASA people love their patches, whether those patches deserve it or, sadly, don't. So there are plenty of patches going up on Atlantis. Most of them are from acronym-heavy subsets of the space program.

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YOUR MOMMA should be sold and the proceeds put into the US Treasury.

Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde

All of that memorabalia is the property of the US and should be sold and the proceeds put into the US Treasury. Instead they will wind up on e-bay, etc.  Our tax dollars are being used to enrich NASA friends and cronies.


Yes, the GOP shot themselves in the foot regarding reduced government spending didn't they?  Perhaps, they meant for spending cuts to affect "the other people."  But, this one might fuck them them in the ass. 

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