Shuttle Era Ends: A Look Back at Our Coverage

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Mission patch FAIL
With what we fervently hope is a flawless landing, the last mission of the space shuttle ends this morning when Atlantis touches down in Florida.

The final flight evoked a lot of memories, and we tried our best to spark some.

In case you missed our varied posts on Atlantis's last trip, check them out:

We started with the 10 Coolest Atlantis Pictures Ever.

Our John Nova Lomax was in a group of reporters who got a rare peek behind the scenes at mission control.

We looked at Atlantis's 10 weirdest mission patches, and yeah, they were pretty strange.

Atlantis's souvenir flight load included 22,000 flags and 10,000 patches, which should be enough to go around.

As everyone put up slideshows of iconic shuttle photos, we gave you 15 non-famous but great shots.

In an EXCLUSIVE!, we reported July 8 on a brazen escape attempt by four earthlings from a swamp in Florida, aboard some sort of "space craft."

The horrors of female hair in space: We looked at the seven wildest space-hair photos, and the two grave disappointments in that category.

Don't miss our collection of eight rejected space shuttle designs, from a space zeppelin to a cool delta-wing craft.

And finally, we ranked the wake-up music on Atlantis's mission, from the very bad to the very good.

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While it is sad that the NASA shuttle era is over, I am excited to see what happens to the private sector of space exploration. I think the same competition that fueled our desires to go into space will be recreated by the private companies determined to go into space. I think that the new NASA will continue to make some remarkable discoveries. 

I am glad the Atlantis made it back safely. Those astronauts made some great progress on the ISS and are a huge part of history. I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

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