Jeremy Dobbins & Bobby Dean Roberts: Ripped Off Schlumberger Via $3 Million in Fake Invoices, Feds Say

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A very efficient Accounts Payable department, we're sure.
If you can clear $3 million in a little more than two years, you've got a pretty good scam going. Until, of course, you get caught.

Jeremy Gene Dobbins, 35, and Bobby Dean Roberts, 51, who sound like a country-music duo ("Put your hands together for Dobbins & Roberts!!"), are accused of ripping off the company they worked for, a Schlumberger division with the romantic name of MI-SWACO, through the simplest of schemes.

Dobbins was a facilities manager and Roberts was a supervisor of building operations. "The two men allegedly formed four vendor entities to do business with MI-SWACO and caused these entities to submit false and fraudulent invoices, which they then approved for payment," the U.S. Attorney's Office says.

Of course they approved the invoices -- they knew who they were dealing with, and felt they were getting a fair price.

Between February 2008 and June 2010 the two happily processed invoices, until somewhere along the line someone at MI-SWACO took time off from trying to figure out what the hell MI-SWACO means and did a little digging.

The feds were called in and by today both men had been arrested.

Conspiracy to commit wire fraud carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000 upon conviction. The remaining counts each carry a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $500,000 upon conviction.

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M-I SWACO. The M is for Magcobar (formerly Magnet Cove Barite Company). The I is for IMCO, which is for... something. SWACO is for... shit, need a drink and a comedian for this.


SWACO is for Salt Water Company (drilling). 

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