Saluting C.M. Punk With Five Awesome Wrestling Promos (w/ Video)

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C.M. Punk lights up Twitter.
If you're plugged into social media, the new litmus test for the relevancy of a show, a sporting event, a singular occurrence is "Did Twitter react?" And if they did react, how heavily did the reaction clog your Twitter feed.

I am a fan of professional wrestling. I've been on Twitter for over two years now, and I can say in those two years I had not had anything that occurred in professional wrestling overtake my Twitter feed. Despite a highly profitable company, overall business in the WWE right now is somewhat tepid and the company is in dire need of breakout stars.

If my Twitter feed from Monday is any indication, C.M. Punk may be that guy.

This is what got everybody talking on Monday...

Despite the fact that this appeared to be Punk "shooting" on the WWE brass (wrestling parlance for "speaking about real life off the script"), since it made it out onto the air, go ahead and assume that this was an approved, albeit emotionally truthful, promo. Punk has a match coming up on pay per view in a couple weeks with John Cena and talk has been (real and storyline) that Punk would be leaving WWE after that match.

With one strong promo, Punk accomplished the following:

1. Turned my Twitter feed into a bunch of retweets of some wrestling fans with really scary avatars.

2. Probably made several thousand more people want to purchase the pay per view.

3. Most importantly, made virtually every WWE fan care about whether or not he leaves

It hit all the high points of an effective wrestling promo -- get people talking, advance your character, make money.

Punk has been "suspended" by WWE CEO Vince McMahon for his actions on Monday. (Quotes around the word "suspended" are there for a reason.) I personally can't wait to watch the next time C.M. Punk gets on a microphone; in his honor, here are five wrestling promos that were game-changers in wrestling history:

5. Austin 3:16

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Truth be told, Austin has plenty of other promos that could be on this list; he was that good. But that night at KOTR was groundbreaking; he unlocked the secret that wrestling never really knew, or wanted to admit: you don't need a silly gimmick/act/facade to get to the top of the business.

And Bret Hart found this out the hard way. His heel turn, coupled with his profanity-laced tirade after the Royal Rumble earlier that year (another that could crack this list), was proof that Hitmans of the world were giving way to the Stone Colds of the world.

Here's one more sleeper for you, Sean: The DX reformation the day after WrestleMania XIV. Triple H taking over, and X-Pac slamming WCW was gold.

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