Patti LaBelle Developments: Two Members of Entourage Charged

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Patti LaBelle's airport run-in deepens.

UPDATE September 24, 2014: A federal jury cleared Patti LaBelle and her entourage in the beating of a West Point cadet at George Bush International Airport.

Two members of Patti LaBelle's entourage that were involved in an incident with a West Point cadet at Bush Intercontinental have been charged.

KTRK had the first report. A bodyguard and a 63-year-old female hairdresser have been charged with assault.

Efrem Holmes, 43, and Norma Harris have not yet been arrested.

The charges say they were involved in an incident with cadet Richard King in March, when cameras caught the cadet being beaten near LaBelle's limo until he bloodily staggered off.

According to the video, released by King's attorney, his client appeared to do little to trigger the confrontation, but LaBelle has filed a countersuit saying he was drunk and made sexist and racist comments.

King has since been suspended from West Point, and admits he had some beers on the flight home.

HPD has launched an internal investigation into the incident, because the security-camera footage showed police posing for pictures and getting autographs from the singer shortly after it happened, standing near the pool of blood. King's attorney also says PD officers never got his client's version of events.

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Patty’s… Labell has rung, its over for you racist people in this country where we will have none of you. Sue her for hate crimes remember the lady with the scales of justice has a blindfold on racism is a disease of all colors and she is one.

Brian Poirier
Brian Poirier

Hope they charge the "bodyguard" with an extra felony for acting as a bodyguard without a security license.


I was shocked to see Quannel X come out in defense of this young man and his wrongful dismissal from West Point as a result of this totally unprovoked attack.  Oh, wait- that didn't happen.  

I bet if one of Garth Brooks' roadies had assaulted an African-American bystander, Quannel and the New Black Panthers would have been all over the place, asking for retribution and justice.  Yet in this case where a white person was savagely assaulted by 2 African-Americans the self-appointed voice of the people is nowhere to be found.  Shocking.


Well, I didn't go to West Point (my parents were married, so I wasn't qualified to be an officer) but I did have a few beers on the plane when I was coming home on leave several times. Never ran into a stewardess who would over-pour me to the point where I deserved to get beaten up by a pack of thugs.

I've also worked a few stagehand gigs, and this is just an obvious case of entourage egomania.


Love me some Patty, but I saw the video and what she and her posse did was just plain wrong.  For her to say that he made sexist and racist comments is just ridiculous

Richard Doll
Richard Doll

Good, that's the right thing for them to do, charge the thugs with assault.

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