Nine Great Dog Show Pictures, And What The Dogs Are Actually Thinking

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The World Series of Dog Shows was held in Reliant Park over the weekend, and as always it provided a good, sometimes odd, look at dogs and the people who place them in competition. (See the full slideshow here.)

We got us a dog interpreter, who really just mostly reports that everyone wants more food, and he filled us in on what these dogs were thinking.

9. "The vest is not my idea"
Has a voice like: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
"I don't mind whoring myself out for a buck, but do I have to wear an old Sammy Davis, Jr. nehru?"

Photos by Christopher Patronella, Jr.

8. "My pupils ARE NOT dilated!!"
Has a voice like: Some X-ridden raver with a lightstick


7. "Judges love this shit"
Has a voice like: A very veteran beauty pageant contestant
""Can we just give me the medal now? I'm sure the other dogs are all very nice, but let's just skip to the chase, okay?"


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