Maxim Hometown Hottie Contestant Sandy Garza Answers the Evolution-in-Schools Question (and Four Others)

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Your Hometown Hottie
If there is an honor or award more important and respected than being named a Maxim Hometown Hottie, we don't know what it is.

The Nobel Prize rarely involves bikinis. The MacArthur "genius grant" pays scant attention to looks.

Houston has a candidate in this year's contest -- of course -- and it's Sandy Garza, a graduate of South Houston High School and the Art Institute who's appeared in those "special editions" of Playboy, some music videos and other stuff.

We had an e-mail interview with her just as this video went viral of Miss USA contestants answering whether evolution should be taught in schools.

So what the hell, we asked her for her take.

As a good Catholic girl, I have to say, yes I think it should be taught. Don't get me wrong, I have my beliefs. But kids need to be taught science along with faith. You can argue all day about which religion is right or if science is right, but either way kids need to learn both sides of the argument. Teachers need to teach, and parents need to parent. Let the parents take control of teaching religion, and the teachers take control of teaching science.

Which is pretty sensible, you've got to say.

Gracing the pages of a no-doubt fine magazine.
Our four other piercing questions:

You mentioned "that height/color/gender has no barrier" to dreams -- I'm not sure why the height reference. Are you unusually tall or short?
When you think of a model, you think of someone who's 5-8 or taller. But I'm the type of girl that doesn't take no for an answer. I guess that's why everyone says I'm stubborn. I've been in Playboy Special Editions, Lowrider, Performance Auto & Sound, and Lowrider Girls, and I'm only 5-0!

What assignment/job has been the most fun for you so far in your career?
I enjoy giving back to the community. Last December, I teamed up with a photographer friend and did an art gallery/Toys for Tots event. The entrance fee to the event was a toy, and we helped spread a little holiday cheer.

What do you hope to do in your career, what's your ultimate goal?
Honestly, I want to get into acting. I love modeling, but I want to try acting next. I got a chance to be an extra in one of Danny Trejo's upcoming movies named Vengeance. That made me want to do it more, and now I have a leading role in a movie called H-Town Brawlers.

Sum up in a paragraph why Houstonians should vote for you...
Because we need to have more Houston girls in Maxim! They don't know enough about these Southern girls! I grew up in Houston, and I'm proud to be a Latina representing Houston and the South! Honestly, it's such a huge honor to even be considered!

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Typical poor girl from the ghetto looking for a way out, stripping, masterbating, nudes and all. She already lost my respects. its like looking at a twelve year old with fake tits with a 35 year old face. Im looking for the unique woman to vote for. no offense sandy, thats how I rate my woman.


shes not a good catholic girl.


Bwahahaha " girl". Back when u were what, an infant. Lmao good catholic girl no mames. I saw those purple lips dangling.from ya behind. Keep the nudes coming, my hands getting lonely.


For what its worth sandy, you might want to reconsider using the phrase, height as a barrier. Last time I checked there are no guidelines for height to pose nude, model lowrider, or any other tit magazine. Get a grip, audition for Ford modeling, or any elite modeling agencies, then we can talk. When your posing in magazines for Paco and Jesus, I wouldnt be bragging all that much, you have a ways to go. Now that is defying. Ill pass, byfar the worst.personalities. Find a real job. Next!!!


...yeah, vote for Sandy, cause we all know that the Bible's rendition of history is just a valid as science's. Shout out to Sandy's hot ancestors riding on dinosaurs!

tired dog
tired dog

H-town Brawlers?  The misadventures of unclad cat fighters...?  Direct to video?

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