LSU to Brew and Sell Its Own Beer, Leaving UT to Wonder Why They Didn't Think of That

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An academic kind of beer
We've been to LSU football games, and if there's one thing we noticed, it's that there's just not enough beer.

Some would say that's because people are guzzling bourbon and scotch instead of brews, but the keen minds in the LSU administration know better.

The school will place itself on the cutting edge of academia by brewing and selling its own special brand of beer, the Associated Press reports.

The beer's release is "planned during the fall football season," the AP says.

UT only offers mugs, steins and koozies. Wimps.

There's no name picked out for the beer yet, but we're sure it will be tasteful and mindful of the fact that a college peopled by mostly underage students is happily promoting the sale and use of alcohol.

Can Rice be far behind?

"The project was developed through LSU's food science department, with classes involved in creating the recipe," the AP says.

Austin, it's your move. Longhorn Jaegermeister, here we come!

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Somebody in Austin already makes a Longhorn lager I think.

Texas had a bar on campus in the 1970's. I don't remember what it was called. 18 year olds could legally purchase alcohol back then so maybe that's why a bar was opened.

big red
big red

I am skeptical that anyone could afford to buy UT brewed beer, given their athletic ticket pricing tradition.

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