Great Picture of Atlantis Turnin' & Burnin' for Home

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NASA says this picture is "unprecedented," and who are we to doubt them?

Taken from the International Space Station, the shot shows Atlantis beginning its descent through the earth's atmosphere, as things heat up and everyone says prayers to the heat-shield god.

It's a nice bookend to the liftoff pictures of the shuttle punching through the Florida clouds.

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Space Center Houston

1601 NASA Road 1 (20 miles south of downtown, Houston, TX

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T.E. Bell
T.E. Bell

Simply dazzling, and I shall miss it, white elephant or no. It was a magnicent machine in which every one of its million-plus parts had to function perfectly. And usually they did, even as the Shuttle airframes and computing ability grew older and older, despite periodic upgrades.

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