Dad? I Let a Friend Drive Your Porsche Boxster and It Erupted into Flames

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An as-yet-unburned-to-a-crisp Boxster.
Conversations no 19-year-old kid wants to have:

Kid: Uh, Dad?

Dad: Yes, buddy?

Kid: You know your Porsche?

Dad: The Boxster? Love that thing to death. LOVE IT. That's why I never let anyone else drive it.

Kid: Yeah, well, umm.....

And things can only go downhill from there once you start talking about how you borrowed it, let a friend drive it and somehow it erupted into flames and is a total loss.

One 19-year-old kid had some explaining to do along those exact lines early today, KHOU reports.

The Boxster was being driven (to a party, naturally) by the 20-year-old friend around 1:30 this morning on 288 when fellow drivers waved frantically to let the dudes know the back of the car was on fire.

The two pulled over and got out, just seconds before the car went "whoosh" into a huge flame that consumed it totally. (Same thing happened to us as a teen in a car accident, actually, although the car was definitely not a Boxster.)

The two were unhurt. Cops speculate that they drove over a flat tire on the highway, and dragged it until the friction ignited a blaze in the gas tank.

And then the kid had to make that phone call....

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Dudley "Booger" Dawson
Dudley "Booger" Dawson

Oh man am I glad i'm not either one of them, especially the dad.  I would put my foot in his ass so hard it would set his rear end on fire.


Can't wait for the TxDOT public service commercial:

"How can you tell when your car is on fire?  1.  Flames shoot out from your car.2.  People point and shout "hey buddy your car's on fire!".3.  The acrid smell of burning upholstery. 4.  'splosions. This has been a friendly reminder from YOUR Texas Department of Transportation."

Naturally, the ad will be produced by a former campaign aide to Rick Perry.


Will your cut rate car insurance pay for this kind of mayhem?  Better get Allstate! And better tell your friend to stop if something gets caught under the car.

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