Derek Boogaard's Brother Charged in His Death; Allegedly Gave Him Oxycontin Pill That Led to OD

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Aaron Boogaard faces charges.
The news surrounding the tragic death of former Houston Aero Derek Boogaard keeps getting sadder: Police in Minnesota have charged his brother Aaron with giving him an Oxycontin pill that led to his overdose death in May.

Our sister paper City Pages reports that Boogaard's father, a former policeman, says Aaron was trying to regulate Derek's use of the painkiller by doling the pills out slowly.

The AP reports that charges were filed earlier today of unlawful sale of a controlled substance and interfering with a crime scene by trying to conceal evidence.

An autopsy showed Boogaard, 28, died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and Oxycontin.

Boogaard was a fan favorite in his time here, a 6-7 giant who was a feared brawler on the ice but a gentle, shy guy off it.

We profiled him here, when the dream of making the NHL was still unfulfilled.


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