James Blackstock: Former Judge Hit with $3.2 Million Verdict for Sexual Harassment

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A little bit of civil justice for a judge.
We've written before about James Blackstock, the former big-deal Brazoria County court-at-law judge who liked to fondle his employees' breasts when he wasn't sending porno via e-mail and text.

He's been off the bench since 2008, when he pleaded guilty to several misdemeanor charges, but the hits keep coming: A jury has awarded $3.2 million to three of his employees in a civil suit.

Three women were awarded between $50,000 and $100,000 each in actual damages and a million apiece in punitive damages after the jury heard about the e-mails and the groping.

Unlike Galveston federal judge Sam Kent, Blackstock won't be going to prison. At least now he has some financial repercussions hanging over his head.

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I hope he burns in Hell.


Look on the bright side. He can still become a cop.

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