Top 5 Worst Collegiate Conference Logos

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Congratulations to the fourth grader who designed the new Mountain West Conference logo!

Yesterday, the Mountain West Conference unveiled its new brand identity as they head into a hoped-for (read: Boise State-led) future as a regular contender in BCS football as well as other major college sports.

If the elementary school art class quality isn't enough, the logo (aka "The Rock") has this blow-you-away tagline: "This is our time."


About "The Rock," Craig Thompson, MWC commissioner, says in an official release, "The overwhelming majority of the people we spoke to said the Mountain West is bold, feisty and highly competitive, and we strongly believe these qualities are reflected in our new brand identity and our new logo."

Those people -- the students of Ms. Nelson's fourth grade class -- were unavailable for comment on account of a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese.

How does the new logo stand up against some of the other aesthetically displeasing designs in major college athletics?


5. Big 12 Conference (current)
First of all, the logo is totally wrong since there are, following the defections of Nebraska and Colorado, only ten teams. Additionally, this looks like graphic design straight out of 1996, which would make sense since the logo's been around since 1996. Regardless, can we please bring back the Southwest Conference moniker and its stylistically pimp design?

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Glass Houses
Glass Houses

Please provide some links to your design work, so we can gauge your level of expertise in these matters.


Horrible article. Horrible idea. Horrible writer.


Let's play blogger bingo. One point for each overused phrase:

Worst. Idea. Ever.


Have you ever been to, say, (the 'say' phrase ...)

Dirk D!
Dirk D! have just taken 5 conference logos, put the logos in your article and commensed to writing absolutely nothing.  Speaking of fourth grade...this is absolutely childish!  Terrible article and terrible writer!

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