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Jimmer Fredette: Who will make, and regret, this pick?
The NBA Draft is tonight, and while the talent level isn't as low as 1986's pathetic crop, it's generally considered a down year.

Which means, of course, that the Houston Rockets have a lottery pick.

Now, when the biggest question seems to be "Which team will be dumb enough to waste a high pick on Jimmer Fredette?" you can't say it's shaping up as a compelling night; on the other hand, since many of the potential picks seem interchangeable at the "good not great level," there will be plenty of debate.

Our own Sean Pendergast will be liveblogging things here beginning after 6 p.m. Be sure to come on by for frequent updates and to join in on the "Rockets blew it!" discussion, which is sure to ensue no matter who they pick.

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