For Vancouver: The Top 10 Sports Riots

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twitpic/Chris Walts
Not bad, Vancouver, but you got some work to do.
Oh, behave, Vancouver.

Last night, a number of poor sports, distraught by the Canucks' loss to the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, went all kung fu on the British Columbia city.

By past standards, Vancouver's hooliganism was weak sauce compared to these top ten riots. Advice to Canadians: If you're really wanting to wreck stuff, then take lessons from the states of Ohio (numbers 5 and 10) and Michigan (numbers 1 and 9).

(Note: Affairs were a lot of people died, such as the Ghanaian soccer stampede of 2001, were not included on this list.)

10. Columbus, 2002

Ohio State Buckeye fans and students had a little too much fun after their team defeated rival Michigan that sent OSU to the national championship. In all, 107 fires were set and 20 autos were messed up.

9. Detroit, 1984

At the time, the aftermath of the Detroit Tigers' World Series-clinching victory was the worst post-championship celebration in history.

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