Texas Monthly's Best & Worst Legislators: Mostly Houston-Free

John Whitmire named one of the best.
Texas Monthly has released its always-anticipated reckoning of the 10 Best and 10 Worst Legislators, and Houston seems largely absent from either list.

The best includes Senator John Whitmire, and that's it -- although technically the easternmost portions of another Best winner, Representative John Zerwas, have some of far west Houston in them.

The worst list includes David Dewhurst and tags him as being from Houston, which is true but not all that relevant now -- he's a statewide official who's all Austin these days.

Be prepared for howls: The worst list is all Republicans, while three Democrats make the best. The worst list includes Representative Dennis Bonnen, who is from Angleton.

Representative Dan Huberty of Houston was tagged as "Rookie of the Year."

The reasoning behind the picks will come out at some point; right now all we have is the names.

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Don't see how whitmire, or any other houston senator can be rated well at all. Last year nearly 200,000 local voters sent a loud message that they don't want red light cameras. Several states are yanking them out based on their inconstitutionality, yet the Texas senate (which receives most of the lobbying money from camera corporations like the goldman sachs owned ATS which ran Houstons cameras) has not only taken no action on a statewide ban but actually blocked statewide ban legislation and tried to EXPAND photo enforcement in Texas. You can read more about the senators who are camera friendly at www.citizensforsaferstreets.co...


Someone actually reads that biased fishwrap? WOW. There really is a sucker born every minute.

Hi USA1!
Hi USA1!

Now go off and diddle yourself with a GOP lollipop like a good boy, there there.

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