Terrell Owens -- A Jackassery Video Anthology (with 6 videos)

It's always something.
The part of me that's not a huge fan of athletes calling attention to themselves, sometimes at the expense of their team, is not a big fan of Terrell Owens. The part of me that needs several hours worth of content each week, the radio host part of me, is a huge fan of Terrell Owens.

The latter part pays my bills, therefore (other than the possible cause of the injury itself, more on that in a minute) I was none too happy to hear that Terrell Owens underwent recent surgery for a torn anterior cruciate ligament. According to doctors, he is looking at rehab that would put him on the shelf until mid to late November.

So, at best, the 2011 season (assuming we have a season) will see Terrell Owens as a late season "x factor." This is no good.

I don't know if the locker room for whichever team he is employed by is a better place with Owens around; history indicates that it is for a while, and then more often than not, it unravels worse than the last 45 minutes of Wedding Crashers. But frankly, it's not my job to worry about the locker room. I'm not in a locker room.

I just know that the NFL is typically more interesting (sometimes admittedly for the wrong reasons) when Terrell Owens is a part of it. To wit, there is a story circulating that this ACL injury came as a result of work he was doing on a television show for VH-1. The only other prominent player that we could Mad-lib into this story and nod our heads that "Oh yeah, I can totally see that" is his teammate from last season, Chad Ochocinco.

At age 37, this ACL surgery may finally be the thing that renders the NFL permanently T.O.-less. If that's the case, then I want to take a trip down memory lane, one last time. So here you go, Terrell Owens jackassery portfolio in video form:

6. Terrell Owens celebrates on the Cowboys' star
NOTE: Number 31 for the Cowboys in this video is actually George Teague, not Roy Williams. Frankly, there was no way Williams would have gotten there in time to knock Owens off of the star.

5. Terrell Owens has a Sharpie in his sock
For all of his tomfoolery, Owens seems more like an attention-starved good guy than a destructive bad guy. For example, his "Sharpie in the sock" celebration actually touched off millions of dollars in free publicity for Sharpie, and in turn, a charitable effort to help schools in need.

4. Terrell Owens mocks Ray Lewis
Okay this was just stupid. I mean, it was funny as hell, but stupid. Ray Lewis might be the scariest individual on the planet. (It's a dead heat between pre-heart attack Bob Huggins and Lewis, in my opinion.) In fact, I'm frightened Lewis might read this and see that I think this celebration is funny, and come pry my heart from my chest in sleep with his teeth.

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I hate the Cowboys, but watching this asshat get knocked off their star made me a fan for that game.  I just wish Teague would've made a little better contact.  It's times like these, when you need a guy like Bernard Pollard on your team.


Man his driveway interview/workout was some classic shit as well Sean, no way you could have forgotten about that one! That shit is straight gold!!!!! Unfortunately Youtube doesn't have a good enough video to link, the only 1 I can find is too grainy. 

The "no comment" Scott Boras interview is also pretty damn good as well. 

Question- are stat's alone enough to get TO to the HOF, and how long does it take him to get in? 

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