Silsbee Cheerleader: Bid to Help Assault Victim Gets Overwhelmed

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Silsbee High still getting the attention.
Word comes via the Bayou blog of an effort to help pay the legal fees of the Silsbee cheerleader who was thrown off the squad for refusing to cheer the player she said raped her.

The cheerleader took the school district to court, but the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the case, saying the school was within its rights in tossing her. Insult to injury: They ordered the cheerleader to pay the district $45,000 in attorney's fees.

A fund-raising effort kicked off, one that featured a special twist: for twenty bucks, Jason Ho of Bongo Comics would do a sketch for you.

Did it work? The response was overwhelming enough that they had to cut off the deal.

Ho says they hoped they'd get 20 or so requests, and indeed on the first day they got 15.

I was relieved that people were interested!

On the second day, thanks to re-tweets by many notable geek/comics bloggers and write ups from some well-known websites, we received over 130 requests.

Let me say that again, we received 130 requests in one day.

That's a lot of drawing to do.

Ho had to cut off requests, but he's promised everyone who got in before the cut-off will get a sketch.

"This nerdy misanthrope is relieved to know that there are some good people in this world," Ho says.

The campaign, of course, is glad to accept donations that don't involve sketches. They say they've raised about $17,500 so far.

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What a mess.  I graduated from Silsbee High way back when.  I've been in Houston for 25 years.  The beauty of Silsbee was that it is a boring little town that no one knows about.  Then this happened, & Silsbee is all over the news for all the wrong reasons.

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