Seven Creepy (Or Beautiful) Pictures of the Downtown YMCA's Demolition

Categories: Spaced City

Photos by Monica Fuentes
Coming down piece by piece.
Demolition is continuing on the charming old Downtown YMCA building, which is nestled among modern skyscrapers.

The insides are being exposed now -- empty rooms, wall signs, even the scoreboard for the basketball court.

It can all get pretty creepy-looking, as these pictures show.

That penthouse doesn't look too safe.

The scoreboard holds on for its waning moments.

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Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

The old and the new.

Youngstown, Ohio proudly renovated their Y to including thirty apartments for low income people.

And we here in Houston tear our Y down to the ground making-way for new, I guess.

Not everything has to be new!

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