Yay? Houston One of Few Cities to Get the Sarah Palin Movie

Comin' atcha, Houston!!!!
You've been holding your breath for weeks now, wondering if Houston would be blessed enough to be one of the cities picked for the limited initial release of The Undefeated, the documentary that proves beyond all doubt that Sarah Palin is the heart and soul of America.

Great news!! You can breathe again!!

The Victory Film Group announced today that The Undefeated will play in AMC theaters and open in ten cities next month.

Houston joins such proud Mama Bear locales as Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Kansas City.

"We are thrilled that AMC will give The Undefeated a national theatrical release this summer," says Victory Films' Glenn Bracken Evans. "The documentary is made to be seen on a big screen. With its story of a small-town girl who, against all odds, rises to the pinnacles of American government, the film plays with all the drama of a Rocky picture, only with a woman as the central figure and with politics instead of boxing," he adds.

And with protagonists who have about the same grasp on foreign and financial affairs, as well.

Those unlucky Amurricans who don't live in one of the select cities will have to settle on an online vote to see if they can get The Undefeated on a big screen in their town.

But that's because all you losers don't love Sarah, and America, like we do.


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Damn, I was really hoping her movie would play at the Alamo Draft House in Austin. I bet it would make for a great double-bill with the Muppets Sing-Alongs they have.


"With its story of a small-town girl who, against all odds, rises to the pinnacles of American government." Against "all odds?" Somebody want to clew me in on her struggles to become the lowest of the most ignorant and corrupt politicians ever?

Go, Coogs!!
Go, Coogs!!

I hope she's all in shorty-short-shorts and bends over a lot, like she does in her little "rockumentary" "reality" show that shows just how humble and family-lovin' her life really is.

And there's a couple cougar moments, too....


Since when did quitting the governorship of one of the remotest states in the union, halfway through one's only term, count as "the pinnacles of American government"?  Doesn't one have to actually "govern" to be in "government"?


yes, being a community organizer is a much higher calling


Or, a college professor.  HMMMM  Sarah could barely get through an institution of higher learning at all!  She quit 5 or 6 of them.  But that is what a quitter does, quit!

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