Groping-Obsessed Rick Perry Isn't Satisfied With Your Policy Changes, TSA

There shall be no groping in the Republic of Texas
The federal Transportation Security Administration has announced policy changes that mean children under 12 will no longer undergo pat-down searches.

In case you were thinking that might be enough for Governor Rick Perry to end his bizarre anti-"groping" campaign, you can rest assured it's not.

There's still red meat to be fed to the Tea Partiers, as Perry made clear in an announcement this afternoon.

"TSA's policy change is a step in the right direction to regain the trust of American families," Perry said.

Then he laid down the hammer: "Texas will continue seeking more common-sense approaches to TSA security measures, and I look forward to working with lawmakers on related legislation that will accomplish these goals."

Working with Texas lawmakers on groping legislation? What could go (hilariously) wrong?

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Witty Hipster
Witty Hipster

The airport is all the action Connelly ever gets I'll bet.


If the TSA can't grope people in Texas, won't that make all of the terrorist relocate here?

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