Hey Oak Forest: Get Ready to Share Your U.S. Rep with the Piney Woods

Oak Forest is a neat urban neighborhood just north of the Loop west of T.C. Jester.

Sure, it's got the word "Forest" in its name, but other than that it would seem to have very little in common with isolated backwood burgs like Rye, in the upper reaches of Liberty County.

But now, the two communities might be sharing the same representative to Congress.

The latest redistricting map includes an oddly shaped, stretched out district that extends from the northwest corner of the Loop to the farthest reaches of Liberty County, hard by the Big Thicket.

Not too many Starbucks out there.

We guess people in the Heights should just be thankful the mapmakers didn't extend the boundary to them.

There's another very odd district, that barely includes the northern reaches of Houston and then semi-circles around to the Louisiana border.

The proposed map is a long way from getting approved; it adds districts for four new seats and greatly screws Austin liberal Lloyd Doggett.

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Absolutely no way does that look right, no matter what natural or man-made boundaries any sane mapmaker would use.  All of them pictured here are pretty funky. 

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