Racy Cowgirl Postcards: An NSFW Tour Of An Odd Subculture

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As the Dixie Chicks sang in "Little ol' Cowgirl":

She's a little ol' cowgirl from out Texas way / Countin' the nights 'til the fiddler plays / Workin' all week just doin' her thing / She likes punchin' doggies but she loves to swing

The cowgirl has been a source of fascination since the cowgirl was invented. Southern Methodist University has a whole collection of cowgirl postcards, but it's a demure, tasteful selection of rose-cheeked prairie purehearts.

The postcards we're interested in are a little more risque. So -- keeping in mind some are NSFW -- here are some classic cowgirl postcards, with analysis.

Most come from the cardcow.com site, a great place to seek old postcards.

5. Barely legal
If you came to this item from outside the blog homepage, you'll see this one automatically, so we'll use a safe one to start.

It can get hot on the South 40, so a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, but we don't think we've ever seen a more embarrassed horse. He probably gave this woman rides when she was a little girl, and now he has to stand and watch her debase herself for some second-rate risque-postcard photographer.


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