25 Positive Statements About the Houston Astros

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I'm positive that the Astros would have been better off with these three guys in charge.
As hard as it might be to believe, there are some people, friends even, who think I'm being too negative toward the Astros. They'd like for me to say something positive, something that might, hopefully, give them something to look forward to in the future. So with some help from friends/followers and Twitter, I've got some positive statements to make about the Houston Astros.

1. Courtesy of @AstrosCounty: "I'm positive that this team kind of sucks."

2. Courtesy of @jamesbaily: "I'm positive the 'Stros will lose 100 games."

3. Courtesy of @AstroBrit: "I'm positive that Wandy [Rodriguez] has the NL's best ERA in the past year, and will make the all-star team."

4. Courtesy of @pat_ritcher: "I'm positive that it will be a long time until the Astros are in contention again."

5. Personally, I'm positive that Craig Biggio will make the Hall of Fame.

6. I'm positive that the Astros will have a legitimate general manager next season.

7. I'm positive the team would have been better off if Shawn Chacon would not have been pulled off Ed Wade.

8. I'm positive that no matter what Jeff Keppinger does this season, the Astros, like in the past with Mark Loretta, will continue to look for another second baseman because they're just too damn stupid to know what they're doing.

9. I'm positive that because nobody is going to the games, you can buy really cheap tickets and sneak down into the field boxes around the second inning.

10. I'm positive that Hunter Pence is good.

11. I'm positive that Jim Crane won't be accused of war profiteering when it comes to the Astros.

12. I'm positive that Hunter Pence looks goofy when he runs. Or when he throws the ball. Or when he slides.

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I'm positive that Chris Wallace is a potentially good major league catcher.

13. I'm positive the Astros need to hire a baserunning coach.

14. I'm positive an Astros catcher will be in the All-Star game. Of course that catcher is Chris Wallace, and it's a minor league All Star game. But at least the Astros have one catcher in the system who can actually hit.

15. I'm positive the Astros are so bad that even Scott Stapp didn't want to be associated with them.

16. I'm positive that Dave Clark will find any reason possible to hold Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence at third base, but will continue for unknown reasons to try to send Carlos Lee home on anything that isn't a home run.

17. I'm positive that the visiting media will be bitching about the size of the new Minute Maid Park when the Red Sox are in town this weekend.

18. I'm positive that the Phillies are going to try and take advantage of Ed Wade one more time before he's fired at the end of the season.

19. I'm positive that it's not all Brad Arnsberg's fault.

20. I'm positive that Michael Bourn is really, really good.

21. I'm positive that Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies are the best broadcasting team in baseball.

22. I'm positive that Bob Ford is the best PA guy in baseball.

23. I'm positive that the Astros would have been better off if Drayton McLane had listened to Nolan Ryan instead of Tal Smith.

24. I'm positive that I might get violent if Brad Mills continues to play Carlos Lee instead of Jason Bourgeois or Brett Wallace.

25. And to conclude, here's a statement from an anonymous friend: I'm positive that there's nothing positive to say about this team.

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I'm positive that everyone in the media has been saying for years the Astros need to rebuild and now that they are everyone just wants to bitch. You got exactly what you asked for.

Astros Fan
Astros Fan

I'm positive Jim Crane is going to be a disaster as an owner. How can MLB allow that much debt when it has debt problems in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc.?


Pretty much agree with the whole list (#7...if only...), but you really have to go to some other major markets and suffer through guys who seem to make Milo make sense to realize just how dang lucky we are to have Brown and Deshaies.

Astros Fan
Astros Fan

No, what people asked for was some long-range planning to go with a "win now" mentality, which is how successful teams operate. No one ever asked for the Astros to wait until it was the worst team in MLB, with one of the worst farm systems, before beginning the rebuilding process. Rebuilding an MLB team from zero is an almost impossible task, especially with an owner (Crane) who will have a heavy debt load and apparently won't be spending additional money of his own.

John Royal
John Royal

That's a good question, and not one that anyone I read can provide an answer to. But the Dodgers and Cubs are good examples of clubs being destroyed because the owners financed the deals with tons of debt, like Crane is planning to do.

Astros Fan
Astros Fan

That's right, and the Dodgers and Cubs were both FAR better off when purchased than the Astros are right now. This whole Jim Crane deal seems like a house of cards. 40% or more is debt, and Crane's 30-something partners have reportedly been exempted from further cash calls or investments. With attendance and TV ratings dropping by the day and Crane already saying he won't be spending big money, this deal is a disaster waiting to happen.

I thought the Dodgers would be a wake-up call for MLB, but if today's news is correct about the sale being official in 2-3 weeks, Astros fans are in for a miserable stretch. When you're in last place with a bottom-five farm system and you won't be getting a bunch of extra first-round picks in future years, it's a fantasy for Jim Crane to say he's going to "build from the bottom." The Pirates and Royals have been saying that for 15 years.

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