Meagan Broussard: Anthony Weiner's Beaumont Sext-Mate In Most Pun-Laden Scandal Ever

GUARANTEE: This post contains no Weiner puns. Really.

The Anothony Weiner mini-scandal -- which isn't so much a scandal as it is another privileged male being an utter idiot when it comes to sex -- has its Texas connection.

It's Meagan Broussard, a Lamar University nursing student, who is proving eager to get her 15 minutes in by telling all to ABC News about her online fun with the New York congressman.

Lamar University is in the Weiner hizzouse
The network said:

Broussard, who describes herself as disinterested in politics and previously unaware of Weiner, said that she has never met the congressman in person and doesn't "think he's a bad guy." And, she said, she participated in risque online chats -- as she has done with other men online -- with the man she presumed to be Weiner.

Broussard is 26 and a single mom, and she's obviously into the social media. Alas, she's taken down her Facebook page, but somehow we don't think we've seen the last of her.

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I need somebody to explain the logistics of meeting total strangers "online" and trading awkward still photos randomly over the course of several weeks.  I understand people video chatting with each other, but that doesn't seem to be what happened here.  I really think that I'm using the internet wrong and I don't want to be left out any longer.

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