Mavericks Celebrate in South Beach Bar: The Photos, Including Dirk Nowitzki Guzzling an $80K Bottle of Champagne

Categories: Basketball

The Web site has a page full of pictures up of the Dallas Mavericks, the whitest NBA champs since Larry Bird's Celtics, getting down last night and early this morning at Dallas South Beach nightclub LIV.

We can only assume such a hip name as LIV is an homage to Liv Tyler.

The Mavs got a little more love than they normally would have this year because their win represented karmic comeuppance for King of Hype LeBron James, but still it's a little difficult to celebrate a Dallas team winning. Dirk Nowitzki seems to have the hang of it, though.

This, via Deadspin, is the bespectacled German sloshing from what is reported to be an $80,000 bottle of champagne.


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