Isiah Carey Gets Web-Redempted On Tosh.0

Fox 26's Isiah Carey has been web-redempted.

Tosh.0 has him on the show for a segment where he visits people who became video viral, like the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy. Carey has long been famous for his profanity-filled rant against a "country-ass fucked-up" Arkansas town, where a grasshopper jumped in his mouth as he was doing a stand-up. (Number one on our recent Top 10 TV news foul-ups!)

Carey tells Tosh he wasn't too happy to be a net phenomenon: "Who wants to be on TV cursing like a sailor?" he said.

Tosh then presses him on whether he's got two personalities -- one white, one black -- and he gamely plays along, anchoring a fake news segment as one of each.


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So Isiah Carey's FINALLY getting National Fame! But, I sure wish he would be a bit like that when he reports the news, because, it's easy to mock his news style.


After watching the bit, Isiah has apparently decided that the News Biz is no longer for him.


I saw this last night and thought Isiah was great!

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