HPD's Pink Monkey Raid: Jury Awards Employee $17,500 For Being Roughed Up

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HPD threw him to the ground, man says.
A federal jury has awarded an employee of the Pink Monkey nightclub $17,500 for being roughed up by Houston police during a 2008 raid.

Donald Boyd suffers from lupus, has had a stroke and has a medical pump implanted in his stomach, and he says he was cooperating with officers when he was thrown to the ground by them.

"I'm a very, very passive person, and to get thrown on the ground ... I was passive before I had a stroke, and after I had a stroke, I mean, I couldn't believe it. I was more in shock than anything else," Boyd said at a press conference today.

The after-hours downtown club was raided on suspicion of drug activity.

Other suits filed against the city have either been dismissed or won by the city, KHOU says, and city officials are planning to appeal Boyd's award.



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the city should go back. They're newest raver club wth drugs galor has JUST as many problems.  The owner Mark D is as Dirty as they come. HPD, HFD, TABC.. everyone get a crack and this crackclub.. wow and 17 and up on Fridays. come on now

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