Houston First In Race to Gaily Cruise the Amazon

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Photo from www.conciergetravel.cc
A gay cruise to the Amazon awaits.
Nobody's celebrating Pride month quite like Concierge Travel, the Houston-based GLBT cruise agency. They just announced the first gay cruise on the Amazon is scheduled to set sail, reported USA Today. So grab your breathable cotton and organic dolphin biscuits, because Cher is waiting on the Lido Deck.

The seven-night excursion will take place on a 24-passenger luxury river boat. Highlights include a fishing trip, jungle walk, and monkey and dolphin expedition.

Concierge Travel leads cruises all over the world designed for the GLBT community, from Turkey to South Africa. Every year, they donate 20 percent of their proceeds to GLBT charities, according to their web site.

The first voyage to the Amazon is scheduled for October of next year, so you still have time to get ship-shape. Never been on a gay cruise? Concierge didn't return phone calls by press time, but we found this handy blog to help clear up any confusion of what you may want to pack:

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From NoFo Blog

Bon voyage!

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From Concierge Travel - We did not recieve your request until Monday and apologize that we have not replied to you any earlier.  The Cruise has generated a lot of interest and our staff has been taking care of clients.  Your article is wonderful and although your tips on how to prepare for a gay cruise are great for a large ship sailing they do not really apply to this sailing.  As an example there is no swimming pool on this ship.  There are 12 luxury suites on 2 decks and no Lido Deck and with only 24 guests although we will have entertainment brough on board the guests should not expect theme parties on this cruise.  The focus is an experienc of nature, camraderie and a culinary delight!Kim GustavssonV.P. Concierge Travel, Inc.


"monochromatic creativity for the white party."  Careful guys!  It's a Republican trap!

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