HISD Touts Results on Two National Exams

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HISD's graph showing movement in the right direction.
The Houston school district says its students have made impressive gains in the latest round of Stanford and Aprenda tests, which measure students nationwide.

"HISD students posted especially strong gains in math and science during the recently completed 2010-2011 school year. The number of students scoring above the national average in math now stands at 64 percent, a 6-point increase from the previous year and 9 points higher than in 2008," the district said in a release. "In science, 63 percent of HISD students scored above the national average this year, a 7-point gain over 2010 and a 12-point gain over 2008."

Superintendent Terry Grier said the district had cause to celebrate.

"We believe these scores on the national Stanford and Aprenda exams add to the mounting body of objective evidence that HISD principals and teachers are getting the job done where it counts -- in the classroom," he said. "It is clear to me that the priorities set forth by our Board of Education -- an effective teacher in every classroom, a quality principal in every school, data-driven instruction, rigorous instructional standards, and a culture of trust through action -- are paying dividends."

HISD spokesman Jason Spencer told Hair Balls the results showed the district's Apollo 20 program was working.

"Our Apollo sixth-graders (they're the ones who benefitted from individualized math tutoring) produced fantastic results on the Stanford math exam," he said by e-mail.

He pointed to the single-year percentage point increases in the number of students beating the national average in math at the five Apollo middle schools:

Attucks: +16 points
Dowling: +27 points
Fondren: +20 points
Key: +39 points
Ryan: +1 point

The results in chart form can be found here.

"Houston students are showing the nation that all children can excel and all children have the potential to become college material, if we provide them great teachers working in schools led by exceptional principals," Grier said.

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Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Always happy to see improvement but Grier is comparing at the least sixteen months of growth not a year's worth. But the growth in its proper perspective, celebrate the gains, but for God's sakes, Grier, tell the truth for once.www.houstonisdwatch.com


HISD used to administer the Stanford test in January. This school year, they administered it in May. They had approximately four extra months to prepare students for this test.  They had nowhere to go but up. Still, let's give credit where credit is due. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

I'm curious, did any friends or family members of Paula Harris or Larry Marshall get any special perks for helping improve the test scores? Just asking.


Margaret Downing should be along soon to explain how Terry Grier is actually the world's worst human, but these are very impressive numbers.

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