HISD Adds Transgender Category to Its Anti-Discrimination Policy

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HISD specifies transgenders as protected.
The Houston school district has added categories for transgendered individuals to its policy against discrimination.

In addition to the already existing "sexual orientation," HISD has added "gender identity, and/or gender expression" to its list of categories of people whom it is forbidden to discriminate against.

The policy now reads:

Employees of the District shall not discriminate on the basis of or engage in harassment motivated by age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, handicap or disability, marital status, religion, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression. A substantiated charge of harassment against a student or employee shall result in disciplinary action.

The new policy, announced today, comes on the heels of a board vote last week, spokesman Norm Uhl says.



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This article is inaccurateand misleading. It leads readers to believe that "sexual orientation"was already a part of the preexisting HISD employment policy and "genderidentity, and or/ gender expression" are the only new revisions. 


Here is a link to the HISDEEO page as it stands at this date and "sexual orientation" is not,nor has it ever been, included in their employment policy: 




Not only that, but as ofAugust 6, 2009, HISD EEO still listed homosexuals as sex criminals under TexasPenal Code 21.06 saying that they would be "terminated" and"prosecuted". The US Supreme Court declared 21.06 unconstitutional onJune 26, 2003, but HISD did not remove it until 6-years later.


The real story is a veryimportant one in both LGBT and HISD history and it deserves to be reported onfactually.

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