Gabrielle Giffords Gets Out of TIRR, Moves to League City

Giffords heads to League City.
U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords has completed her stint at TIRR and will begin outpatient therapy, Memorial Hermann announced today.

The Arizona rep, shot in the head five months ago, will live in the League City home of her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

"Congresswoman Giffords has shown clear, continuous improvement from the moment she arrived at TIRR five months ago," said Dr. Gerard Francisco, the hospital's chief medical officer. "We are very excited that she has reached the next phase of her rehabilitation and can begin outpatient treatment. We have no doubt that she will continue to make significant strides in her recovery."

"Gabby gives her all to everything she does and that's exactly what she's been doing at TIRR since Jan. 26," the hospital quotes Kelly as saying. "The remarkable progress she has made since then is a testament to both her single-minded determination to get better and the team of medical professionals overseeing her care."

Her rehab program will remain largely the same, and she will have 24-hour care in League City, but Kelly says the change in scenery will do good.

"Anyone who knows Gabby knows that she loves being outside," Kelly said. "Living and working in a rehab facility for five months straight has been especially challenging for her. She will still go to TIRR each day but from now on, when she finishes rehab, she will be with her family."

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furioso ateo
furioso ateo

Party on Congresswoman Giffords, Party on.

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