For Flag Day: The 10 Worst National Flags

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We don't just hate certain American state flags here; we also hate the following ten foreign abominations of design, symmetry and good taste. It is less our opinion than it is scientific fact that these are, without a doubt, the ten worst national flags in the world.

10. St. Lucia
Does this flag represent a country, or a Bond villain's shadowy fake corporation? Or is it just a rip-off of the Starship Enterprise logo?


9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Like St Lucia, the Bosnian flag looks less like a national symbol than it does a corporate logo. It also looks like something I would have doodled in sixth grade math class, and I suck at art big-time.


8. Cyprus
As another commenter put it, it looks like a plate of scrambled eggs garnished with cilantro. Plus, maps on flags are wack as a rule.


7. Libya
We're hoping that when and if this uprising ever ends with a rebel victory, the new rulers of Muammar's freaky petro-desert will see fit to replace this ridiculously uncreative green rag with something, anything else.


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Guinea B is actually bold and easy to look at. Zambia should top this list.


So was Mozambique's flag created to attract tourism


Yeah I actually dig the Belizean flag. Another nominee for gangsta would go to Angola.

Another trippy candidate is Abkhazia.


Description of the Belize Flag: The coat of arms features:

1.  A mahogany tree: the first European settlers in Belize became mahogany traders and the mahogany trade was once the economical backbone of the colony.

2.  Two woodcutters, the one on the left holding an axe and the one on the right holding a paddle (rivers were the mode of transportation for getting cut logwood back to the settlement; the logwood cutters found themselves paddling further up stream to find fresh logwood areas).

3.  A shield showing the tools of the mahogany trade including a paddle, squaring axe, beating axe, saw and ship (Most of the Mahogany was shipped to Great Britain where it was in much demand for creating fine furniture).

4. A flowing scroll bearing the Latin motto "sub umbra floreo", meaning "under the shade I flourish", or/and implying "under the shade of the mahogany tree we flourish".

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