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ExxonMobil has finally made official the long-rumored plans to build a large office campus in north Houston and move a bunch of its employees there, including all in its downtown Bell Street headquarters.

The 385-acre site near the intersection of I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road will be a wooded, relatively low-rise collection of labs, office space and conference centers. (We can only hope there's a great "team-building" obstacle course somewhere.)

"This new campus provides an opportunity to consolidate many of our Houston offices in one location, which will provide a high-quality working environment as our employees continue to support ExxonMobil's mission of delivering energy to meet growing global needs," said Bryan Milton, president of ExxonMobil Global Services Company, in a press release.

The release, and an e-mail to employees, is a little bit vague on just how much will be moved there, whether from the company's downtown Houston office or other cities.

We've asked ExxonMobil for a definitive statement on what it might mean for the company's downtown headquarters -- and, much more importantly, the cafeteria there that's only a block from Houston Press HQ -- but haven't heard back.

Update: Spokesman Alan Jeffers says all Bell Street employees will be moving north. ExxonMobil owns the building, but he says the company has no plans yet on what to do with it. He had no information on how this would affect Press lunches or coffee.

The company's release does say "Employees will move in phases as the buildings are constructed, beginning early 2014. Full occupancy for Houston-based employees is expected by 2015....Further study will determine whether any other U.S. office locations will be located at the campus in the future."

And there's this: "It is expected that most employees working in the corporation's Houston Upstream head office activities, along with ExxonMobil Chemical Company and various staff support services, will be based at the campus."

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This is really going to affect my breakfast in the morning. 

David Beebe
David Beebe

The true end of the great Humble Oil era of Houston---- Humble, who employed my grandmother as a secretary for years after she took classes during the Depression at Houston Business College in the upstairs of what is not the Continental Club Building, was known as a great employer- loyal to employees and a community stalwart. The Humble building, the tallest and grandest West of the Mississippi when it was built, has a proud history including the Petroleum Club on the top floor. In 2005, after having played countless weddings and parties there with my numerous bands, ExxonMobil security called the police to arrest me for "public intoxication" during a stressful load-in for a reception that started 2 hours before the contract specified. I was stressed and brusque with security, no doubt, but law enforcement involvement was completely uncalled for and the police declined to arrest me, or even question me, as I was drinking an iced tea from the Central Market sow I had just completed minutes before. I only found out that I might have been going to jail from the fine employees at the Petroleum Club, who by then knew me by first name. Anyway, the show went well and I played there several times after that, but the ExxonMobil management of the building clearly had it out for the Club, which occupies the prime top floor of this still fabulous building. Let's hope ExxonMobil treats this important pice of Houston's history and south Downtown landmark with proper respect.... - David Beebe


Very odd how the were so secretive for so long, yet everyone knew because of google earth! These guys have in-house folks who deal with this on a daily basis, but how do regular small businesses find a good broker in Houston?

Cap'n McBarnacle
Cap'n McBarnacle

I think you nailed it David.  Humble played a huge role in the development of this city and it's amazing how loyal the old-timers still are to that company.  My dad was transfered here for a short time when the building was first opened in 1963 and always likes to tell me locals referred to it as "Yankee Stadium."  When I tell him a buddy almost got fired recently because a birthday bottle of wine was sent to him (by his mother) at the Exxon office, he can't believe its the same place where they had Friday afternoon cocktail parties in the hallway.

David Beebe
David Beebe

Pardon me- "what is NOW the Continental Club Building" Sorry about the bad typing - DB

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