Dan Patrick Says He's Polling Great for U.S. Senator

Dan Patrick inches closer to U.S. Senate race.
Tomball's favorite state senator, Dan Patrick (R-Tea Party), has weighed in on the polling landscape for his possible run for the United States Senate.

And he likes what he sees.

Patrick says the recent Texas Lyceum poll (the one that showed President Obama and Rick Perry with almost equal, healthy approval ratings) matches his own polling in the field about a Senate campaign, and he says it's good -- while getting in a shot at Lt. Governor David Dewhurst's wealth.

The Lyceum poll "tracked almost exactly what our poll showed on the other candidates," Patrick wrote on his Facebook page.

His name was not included in the poll because he had not talked of the possibility of running before it was taken, he says.

But he says his polling showed these results:

Patrick 19 precent
Tom Leppert 11 percent
Roger Williams 6 percent
Elizabeth Ann Jones 4 percent
Ted Cruz 2 percent

And 58 percent undecided.

To sum up: Dan Patrick's pollsters have informed him Dan Patrick is doing just terrific.

Patrick, by the way, said he has not released Dewhurst's results "as he has not announced a campaign or an exploratory committee at this point."

But Patrick magnanimously allows that "if Dewhurst gets in the race he will be a factor, especially considering he can self fund unlimited millions from his personal fortune."


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On one hand, his on the air vasectomy still creeps me out years later.  On the other, I can't think of anyone I would rather have had that particular procedure.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Dan Patrick does his own poll and polls at the top! Yippee! Now I understand why Jesus threw money-changers and charlatans out of the temple. If Jesus were to come back today, he would seek out Dan Patrick and throw him right out of office. Being a pompous ass does not make Dan a good politician or a good Christian.


When did Texas Republicans turn into such a bunch of smug, weasly, cunts?

Jim C
Jim C

Run, David, run!!!

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