Stealing a Purse in Church: a How-To Video

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The Harris County Sheriff's Office has released this security-cam video of a woman rifling through a purse during a church service.

"God and a camera were watching Cynthia Gonzalez, aka Cynthia Martinez, as she allegedly stole from a woman's purse after the woman got up to receive communion," the sheriff's office said. "HCSO investigators say this was a frequent practice for Gonzalez as she's 'prayed' on parishioners at several area churches."

For some reason they haven't edited the half-hour clip, but if you download and then fast-forward you can catch the action.

martinez, cynthia 100567.jpg
Cynthia Martinez: Don't sit next to her in church.
HCSO offers this timeline:

08:45 Suspect enters and sits down

15:10 Suspect moves to a different pew, just behind victim

19:40 Suspect exchanges sign of peace with victim

23:05 Suspect is seen allegedly digging through victim's purse

23:50 Suspect leaves church

It doesn't quite exactly match up with our viewing of the thing, but it's close enough.

It seems the victim is suspicious when Martinez moves behind her -- at one point she moves her purse from her seat to underneath the pew. Didn't help.

"Gonzalez has been charged with credit/debit abuse related to another church theft case in April and has been released on bond," HCSO said. "Charges related to the case on video are pending. Gonzalez has a history of financial crimes in Harris County and Galveston County dating as far back as 1991."

The sheriff's office is asking "victims who have had their property stolen while at church service" to call 713-967-5770 with any information.

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King Neece
King Neece

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Token Eskimo
Token Eskimo

i think clearly the lesson here is don't go to church. amen.


what a piece of shit I wish someone would just beat her savagely.


So, has that camera caught ANY miracles by God on tape?


"For some reason they haven't edited the half-hour clip"

If it had been a cop doing this they would have had no problem editing it out.


That is so sad . The woman should have trusted her insticnt and moved whenshe came and set behid her.. This has happened in the city I live in up in Mass. but its usually when elderly women are going into or out of church. Someday that low life is going to rob from the wrong mom or grandma and ...she will get what is coming to her. I just hope this video does not putideas into some peoples heads and they try it..

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