Thomas Balzumati: Child-Porn Stash Discovered In Toolbox

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She'll never look there, right?
Your wife has rightly kicked you out of the house after you've been charged with sexually abusing a child. It's a situation very few people, thankfully, have to deal with, but if they did we think most would pick up their child-porn DVD on their shameful way out the door.

Luckily for investigators, Thomas Balzumati, 53, didn't have that idea occur to him, and his wife eventually found the disc, filled with images of child pornography. Balzumati now faces additional charges and a virtually impossible-to-win original case.

The wife was searching around their Webster home when she saw her husband's toolbox in the garage, court documents say.

She opened it and saw a DVD, which unless it's a "how to fix your sink CHEAP!" DVD isn't really something you'd expect to see in a toolbox in the garage.

So she popped it into the computer, no doubt cringing at the thought of what she might be about to see. And indeed what she saw, according to court documents, "met the definition of child wit, the lewd exhibition of female genitalia."

As first reported by KTRK, the DVD was eventually found to have almost 200 such images on it.

Balzumati is in jail and has not had a bond set.

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