Astros' Gift to Season-Ticket Holders: A Piece of Dugout Wood

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Monica Fuentes
Look upon it with envy, mere mortals.
It certainly hasn't been easy being an Astros season-ticket holder recently, unless you're a masochist.

The Astros know this. So, as a way of saying, "Thanks for sticking with us as we drive the team into a ditch it will take years to get out of," they have spontaneously given a gift to those dedicated fans.

The gift? Well, as the Astros so eloquently describe it: "Wood removed from the Astros dugout at Minute Maid Park following the 2010 season."

It's Christmas in June!!!!

Those of us who are not recipients of the sainted relic can only gaze in awe.

Just imagine being able to hold in your hands a piece of wood that might have been touched by 2010 Astros stars Jeff Fulchino, Casey Daigle or Felipe Paulino (Thank you, Google).

Is there any better way of saying, "Thank you"? Besides, you know, putting a winning product on the field?

We'd tell you non-wood-getting losers to head for eBay to get a piece of this precious history, but come on: Who would ever part with one of these? They shall be passed on through the generations.

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Why don't they give us the gift of a winning team instead?


Until reading the story, I just assumed the team was doing and Ed Wade bobble, er, block-head as a promotion.

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller

You can buy dirt from the last Yankee stadium for upwards of $20/gram. I can only imagine what their dugout wood is worth.

But the Astros? They have trouble giving it away.

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