Top 5 Celebrities Who Tried to Go All NASCAR...and Failed

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Kyle Busch: Qualified to break traffic speeding laws.
If you're going to travel at more than 80 miles an hour over the limit, you should probably be a professional speedster and not a celebrity with run-of-the-mill driving know-how.

On Tuesday, Kyle Busch, a championship-winning NASCAR driver and team owner, was caught going 83 (eighty-freaking-three!) miles per hour over the posted limit. The Iredell County, North Carolina, officer who cited the 26-year-old for going 128 in a 45 mph zone sent Busch on his merry way after receiving a written promise from Busch to appear in court.

Busch's excuse? He was "test driving" a Lexus LFA sports car and got "carried away."


Lesson to celebrities not named Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick or David Coulthard: Leave the high-speed lawbreaking to the professionals.

Mike Tyson was a naughty boy in 1989.
5. Ben Affleck
Degree of Danger: 6 (out of 10)
Style Points: 1 (out of 10)
In 2001, a Treutlen County, Georgia, officer busted the movie star for traveling at 116 in a 70 mph zone of Interstate 16. Affleck, who has been in and out of rehab, was not drunk or on drugs. He cooperated with law enforcement and paid his fine.

4. Mike Tyson
Degree of Danger: 5
Style Points: 4
Back in 1989, the at-the-time undisputed heavyweight champeen and his Lamborghini were recorded going 71 in a 30 mph zone. He told Albany, New York, authorities that he was drag racing with a friend.

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