The Astros Beg You to Come See Their Games

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This man has not been seen outside Minute Maid.
Remember those good ol' days when a baseball ticket used to cost two bucks? And you'd get change back from your quarter for a Hershey bar and Coke?

Well, you can forget about the chocolate-and-soda thing, but the Houston Astros have become so desperate to attract anyone to view their latest season of despair that they are offering seats for two bucks.

And not just to the crummy teams, either -- the offer includes teams that normally attract big crowds here, like the Braves, the Cardinals and the Reds.

To be sure, your package will also include crap like the Pirates and Nationals, but still....two bucks is two bucks.

The ten-game package gives you seats in the Outfield Deck, but Lord knows no one's exactly going to kick up a fuss if you "improve" your location once the game starts.

On the other hand, this just may be the opening volley of Astro-ticket desperation. Wait a month or two and you might get dinner for two thrown into the bargain.


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This type of unfairness in ticket pricing is exactly why I am not going to renew my four season tickets that I got stuck with for $58.00 a piece.If the Astros' front office wants to give away seats, give them to needy children and those less fortunate.Why, if I support the team by buying $18,792.00 worth of tickets, does the front office give away tickets to the late comers?It is not fair and it is poor marketing.I've learned my lesson, well taught by the Astros brass.


They did this last year at least twice and have also been doing it all this year so far. You could have gone to the second home game of the season on this deal. Last year when I got these, parking right across from Minute Maid was $5 (or $20 less than it used to be).

I think the Aeros have better attendance. And they deserve it.

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