Sex Equality in the Workplace: Not in Texas

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All things not being equal....
If you're looking for cities where women are not treated equally in the workplace, welcome to Texas, according to a report by US News & World Report.

They've ranked cities all across the country on gender equality, and four of the bottom ten are in the Lone Star State.

Houston isn't one of them. The four are Beaumont (the only place worse in the country, the magazine says, is Orem, Utah), Corpus Christi (the only places worse are Beaumont and Orem), McAllen-Edinburg-Mission and Brownsville-Harlingen.

Impressive showing. No Texas cities made the list of ten best.

The methodology?

U.S. News compiled these rankings by comparing male and female representation in the workforce, representation across industries, median annual earnings, and educational attainment in each city

A much more thorough discussion of methodology can be found here.

Among the factors that affected a city's ranking, the magazine said, were race, how many public-sector jobs existed in a given area (they tend to be more fair in terms of equity) and education levels.

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