Kevin McHale Brings Back the Lurch Tradition of Rocket Coaches

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Rudy T
m chale052711.jpg
Kevin McHale

The Rockets have reportedly agreed with Kevin McHale that he'll be their new coach.

Besides the fact that he's a Celtic, we will take a wait-and-see position on this. One thing we do note: The move augurs a proud return to the Lurch Era of Rockets coaching.

Extremely tall, long-faced guy with a deep voice? Hey, it worked with Rudy T.

Of course, Rudy T had Hakeem Olajuwon with him, too.

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Senh V
Senh V

He has Yao Ming....assuming he's healthy.

fed up
fed up

Richard - Your comment about Kevin McHale's looks says more about your lack of internal beauty than anything about McHale's external appearance.  Freedom of the press means you CAN say pretty much anything you want.  That doesn't make it a good idea to record for posterity whatever small-minded comments you can dream up.  Instead of going all Simon Cowell on the guy, why not discuss how qualified a candidate he is to be the Rockets' coach.  Oh yeah, that would require some knowledge of the subject on your part.  Nevermind.

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