Rain? Really? Your Best Pics Of It Can Win Hangover 2 Preview Passes

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Strange, unfamiliar symbols for the future
There is a rumor that -- if we can trust scientists that such a phenomenon actually can occur -- liquid will fall from the very heavens, tonight or tomorrow.

We appreciate that your skeptical -- How can liquid come down from a cloud? -- because it's not something that has happened in recent memory.

But elders talk of the time when such things happened in Houston with regularity, so we guess anything's possible.

To mark the occasion, should it happen, we want your best torrential-downpour pictures of the event. A few scattered drops in a puddle won't cut it. (Wet t-shirt pictures caused by this so-called "rain," however, will no doubt be judged favorably.)

Send them to the Houston Press Flickr page by 5 p.m. tomorrow; the best one will get a pass for two to the May 23, 7:30 p.m. preview screening of the Hangover 2, at the Marq*E.

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