"Driving While Taking Upskirt Pictures" Lands East Texas Pair in Pokey

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Photos Angelina County Jail
April Peeples in front of the cameras again.
It sounds like May 17 was a busy day for Angelina County sheriff Kent Henson. While he was at the scene of a meth lab bust, his radio crackled with news of a burglary in progress nearby, so he hopped in his car and sped off.

While en route, he spotted a Chevy truck driven by 45-year-old James Parrott of Huntington, a guy Henson knew to have a warrant. Riding shotgun was 31-year-old April Nicole Peeples of Channelview.

Benson pulled in behind Parrott and noticed that the truck was swerving all over the highway. Benson pulled the truck over without incident and then noticed that Peeples's pants were pulled down. Since there was a camera phone close at hand, Benson concluded that Parrott had been snapping pics of Peeples's pookie.

James Parrott: The Ansel Adams of highway upskirts.
"I don't know if that was why he was swerving, but I did see him leaning over into the passenger seat really weird," the lawman told KTRE.

Parrott was taken to jail for the warrants, and cops also discovered weed and the components of a mobile meth lab in the car.

Yesterday, Parrott was re-arrested on a felony charge of possession of transport chemicals with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

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I especially like her meth acne.


i thought he was en route to a burglary??

i hope he's not the cop on the way to a burglary at my home.


I don't think the cell phone had anything to do with it, sheriff....


Let this be a warning, gentlemen. Channelview chicks ain't nothin' but trouble. Wait, you demand, how do you know this? Well, because I married one. Yep. That's right. Others can only speak of hell. I, good sir, got my mail there.


Ha. Holy Shite, I hadn't noticed. But I do believe you may be right. So Channelview chicks and mobile meth-labs might be bad for your eyes, too?  Man, I made some unhealthy choices in my life, I suppose.


I'd kill to see a collection of my mugshots, btw. I don't have many pictures of myself. It'd be a pretty cool CD cover...

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