Wayback Machine to Bad Houston Fashion and Even Worse Ads

News brought to you by THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOW EVER.
Local media Mike McGuff has made a YouTube discovery that should make happy anyone who grew up in Houston in the `70s and early `80s -- a compilation of old news clips and ads.

There are some famous faces: Dan Rather, Jessica Savitch, a very young Bill Worrell and Mattress Mac -- and there is also the woman above, who, bless her heart, looks to be wearing Bozo's biggest tie.

Also included: An ad for Woolworth's "Stereo Spectacula `71," where for just $2.99 each you can get "8-track stereo cartridges of Dionne Warwick, Lou Rawls, Glen Campbell, Blind Faith and many more!"

Here it is, in all its glory:

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