Michelle Pickens Beat the Crap Out of Her Ex-Boyfriend, Jury Finds

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A Fort Bend County jury has convicted Michelle Pickens, 26, of whomping her former boyfriend, the district attorney's office announced today.

Prosecutor Amber Givens said last September, Stafford police received a 911 call from a woman who said her son had been attacked at his residence by his ex-girlfriend and that she was refusing to leave.

When police arrived, Givens said, Pickens told them everything was fine, nothing to see here, she was just chatting, etc., etc. ("We don't have any issues," she said at one point), which might have worked if the cops hadn't noticed "bruising and several abrasions on the victim's body," the DA's office said.

They said "the defendant had forced her way into the victim's apartment after he refused to return her phone calls. An argument ensued, culminating in the defendant's assault of the victim."

Sadly, they did not release a mugshot of Pickens.

She was convicted of the Class A misdemeanor of family violence assault.

"After the verdict, the jurors expressed how difficult deliberations were," Givens said, "admitting that while they disagreed with the law, they honored their oath as jurors to uphold it. I am pleased with their verdict and commend their dedication to the law."

Sentencing is set for May 31.

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Jenny Thrash
Jenny Thrash

A misdeamanor? She got lucky. I'm sure she blames him for provoking her. I'm also sure her attorney will advise her not to bring that fact up in the sentencing phase.


Why did jurors disagree with the law? Would they have been okay with it if roles were reversed and Pickens had been the one beaten up?

Jenny Thrash
Jenny Thrash

PS - why is it sad that we don't see a picture of the guy? I don't particularly want to. I'm not into posting pictures of abuse victims on the news.


If they disagreed with the law, why did the convict? What a stupid jury.

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